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Please let me grow up to be Richard Feynman

We were musing about quantum mechanics a little bit over on the Observation Deck, and thinking about quantum mechanics always makes me think about Feynman, which always makes me think about this video. It's Feynman at his best — brilliant, crotchety, and always lit up when he talks about the mysteries of the universe. » 7/04/14 3:35pm 7/04/14 3:35pm

Friday Physics #7 - I love this conference edition

Divided between some badly mis-typed emails to myself and the back pages of my teaching notebook are the notes I took during last week's conference. Any gathering of 10,000 physicists (especially one with a somewhat lax abstract submission policy) is bound to have its share of interesting people, and this year was no… » 3/14/14 11:42am 3/14/14 11:42am